My name is Sandy and I have been lucky enough to have owned pets for over 40 years . I would like to introduce you to my pets.  Abie is a Springer Spaniel,  Ziggy is a Cocker Spaniel.  Ziggy had 5 puppies two years ago, 4 boys and a girl.  We found excellent homes for the boys.  We kept the girl puppy who we called Darcy, who is very much part of our family.

Over the years,  I have been lucky enough to have kept other pets, however, my first love will always be my dogs.  When I was twenty one years old, I won a first prize at Crufts with my Labrador dog called Honey.  She had a litter of puppies and I kept a boy puppy, called Benjie, who I also showed and won many prizes at Championship Dog Shows with. They were much loved and lived to ripe old ages.  Later on in life, I purchased my first Springer Spaniel Puppy called Branston and a year later another Springer Spaniel called Marley.  I again won many prizes at Dog Shows with them.  

I have over forty years experience living and caring for dogs. In addition, I am also very knowledgeable regarding the care of puppies and elderly dogs.

I have a BA (Hons) in Community Justice and have been employed as a Probation Officer for over 18 years.  However, I am now pursing my goal of looking after client’s dogs, cats and other small mammals .