Dog Day Care (in host family home)

Full Day(9am - 5pm):  £25 for one dog, £35 for two from some household.  This includes collecting and dropping off (includes walks) *

  • additional hours will be charged at £4.00 per hour
  • Half Day: £20 for one dog, £30 for 2 dogs from same household. This includes collecting and dropping off (by 1.30pm) includes walks)*

*Please note that further distances than 5 miles will incur an extra 50p per mile.

Dog overnight stay (in host family home)

  • £30 for one dog (24 hours) £45 for 2 dogs from same household (this includes walks)

House Sitting (in Owners Home)

  • Full Day £25 plus £5.00 per pet (includes walk)
  • Half day £18 plus £2.50 per pet (includes walk)
  • £35 per 24 hours plus £5.00 per pet (includes walk)
  • All personal details are kept separate from house keys
  • All keys are coded and kept in the safe when not in use
  • Keys are NEVER left in cars unattended.

Additional Services (included in price)

  • Home security check
  • Watering the plants
  • Opening/closing curtains
  • Bringing in the post
  • Lights on/off
  • Taking out the rubbish
  • lift to airport/train station (at an additional cost)

 Adult Dog/Puppy Visit – 30 mins

  • £12 per visit
  • £18 for two visits in one day

 Please add £2.00 for another dog/puppy from same household

 If regular visit are required during the day, please call to discuss

(This service only applies if the owner/carer returns at night).

Pet Sitting in the evening

£10.00 per hour

Dog Walking

(Group Walking – no more than 3 dogs)

£12 – 1 hour walk

£10 – 45 mins walk

£8    - 30 mins walk

Please add £5 for additional dog from same household


Dog Walking – one to one

  • £16 – 1 hour walk
  • £14 – 45 mins walk
  • £12 – 30 mins walk

I have identity discs made with my telephone number on, which are put on all the dogs in my care.


  • £10 per visit
  • £16 for two visits in one day

 All small mammals , birds and fish

  • £10 per visit
  • £16 for two visits in one day

 More than two animals, please call to discuss

I have a large secure garden and the dogs that I host will have lovely walks in the countryside surrounding my house.

  • Current dog boarding licence issued by Hart District Council.
  • Fully comprehensive pet insurance and my car is insured to transport dogs as part of my pet service business.
  • Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) form.

Please Note:

Weekends are charged at time and a half.

  • Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day are charged at double time.

Micro-chipping Service for Dogs, Cat, Rabbits, Ferrets and goats.

I was trained by Pet-ID Microchips Ltd and provide a high quality service.  I can also come to your home which will be much less stressful for your pet. 

  • £15.00 for one pet
  • 10% discount for any pet in the same household
  • I can also micro-chip litters of puppies/kittens before they go to their new owners  (This service will only be offered to responsible breeders).

Pet-ID micropchips are 

  • guaranteed for life
  • ISO 11784/11785 compliant
  • meets legal standards required for 2016
  • suitable for all species.
  • the chips provides permanent irrefutable proof of identification without any form or scarring or disfigurement

Please note that micro-chipping species other than cats, dogs, rabbits and goats is an act of veterinary surgery and as such should only be carried out by a qualified veterinary surgeon.